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Top 7 Vietnamese Baby Names for Girls

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Top 7 Vietnamese Baby Names for Girls

Have you been to Vietnam? Well, you should be. Vietnam’s lovely tourism slogan for their country is Vietnam Timeless Charm. Vietnam has its lovely natural resources combining with all the food and noodles that you may likes! Vietnam has also a lot of things to be visited and it has a lot of material things in-stored in its nature. Proudly, they have one place which includes in the 7 wonders of the world which surely you must visit with your friends, partner, and family.

Well as for some people, they tend to marry someone beyond their Nationality. It might be Filipino-American tandem, Japanese-American tandem or whatever nationality or country it may be. For instance, you can marry a Vietnamese man or woman and have a baby afterward. Then, you will eventually have the trouble of naming your baby from them on. You might be searching for some cute Vietnamese baby names, common Vietnamese first names that can certainly match well with Vietnamese surnames or even finding some names through Vietnamese name converter. Well, we’ve got you some ideas of what could be the possible Vietnamese baby names that are just as good for your babies, specifically baby girls! Not only that, we’ve got you Vietnamese baby girls with meaning in it! Sure, you will have an idea of how and what will be the best baby girl names for your baby afterward.

Vietnamese Baby Names for Girls

1. Hoa

You can find a lot of Vietnam female names on Facebook. Well, Hoa means like a flower. If you are longing for your child to have a flower and plant themed baby name in it. Then you should choose hoa as one of the names!

2. Hanh

Hanh sounds like a unique Vietnamese name for a baby girl. Hanh means the right behavior. And if you want your kid to have the right one. Why not name her after this? Hanh is one of the most unusual baby names but differently charming!

3. Hue

Hue is not a color and its not even any other simpler things. If you wanted something to name your baby like a lily flower, you can name her hue and something like Hoa it means. Hue Hoa does sound good anyway. 

4. Nhung

Nhung simply means velvet. If you want something easy to pronounce Vietnamese baby names. You can eventually give this name to your child without any hesitation. Nhung is such a word easy to say and easy to remember.

5. Tan

Tan may seem to be a name for a guy but in Vietnam, it is eventually a name for a girl. Tan means chaste in Vietnam and it could fit your child’s personality!

6. Thanh

Thanh is way too different from Tan, Thanh has a much deeper and wider meaning which means Delicate Sky. If you wanted something unique for your baby name her Thanh and can match it with Nhung. Delicate Sky Velvet sounds quite amazing and good, isn’t it?

7. Thom 

Thom Vietnamese name means of sweet scent. If you wanted to name your baby after a sweet and good scent, you should name her Thom. It’s one of the most use girl names for Vietnamese baby names and girls aside from  Hoa and Nhung. What a classic baby girl’s name!


No matter what kind of names you get your baby (whether it may be related to music inspired baby names or not) it is most important that you should know what the meaning behind it and how you should raise them. Above all, their personality may be attached to their name but the real value of their presence is how they love and care for other people. Someone will not simply look at you because you’re named after someone. As parents, you should always keep and bear that in mind. 

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