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Boy Names That Mean Life for Your Newborn Prince

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Bringing a new life into the world can be a humbling and joyful experience for a mother and a father that’s why many parents choose a name among powerful boy names that usually means life. Boy names that mean life are also popular with parents. Luckily, there are different rare meaningful names for boys like names that mean creator, names that mean a breath of life or even English boy names that mean life. 

There are different boy names that mean life in different languages that became popular throughout the years. There are also names that mean life and death but who wants to name their child with a meaning of death, right? The baby names that mean life-changing are more preferred by parents and boys’ names that mean life are less conventional. There are a lot of cute and unique options for these names that some are Biblical names like the name Abel. The name Able means “breath” which represents, of course, life and being alive. 

Boy names that mean life

Here are some of the boy names with meaning associated with life. 


The name Althaf is a boy name that can also be used by girls. People who bear this name tend to be elegant, graceful and restless but they are good in communication, socialization and they are positive towards their life.


The name Aluuine is a boy name and people with this name tend to have a balanced nature with self-knowledge and good judgment towards their personal and professional life. 


This name means “immortality” and “the one who prays 5 times and fasts a great deal”. People with this name tend to lead a very prosperous and long life. It is a variant of the name Amar which means “long life”.


The name Amara is a boy name which means “immortal being”, “one who is blessed without end or death”, or “blessed with eternal life”.


A variant of the name Amara which also means “the immortal” or “one who is blessed to have a long life with no end”.


The name Amarize is based on the gemstone Aquamarine which represents finding the purpose and meaning of life. 


It is a Greek name which means “braver” and also has an Albanian origin which means “golden life”. The name Arian is a variant of the boy name Arion.


The name Arjan is a boy name which means “golden life”.


Atmaya is a boy name which means “a person blessed with long life”.


Aung is a name given to boys but it can also be given to girls. The name Aung means “success” and “someone who is destined to have a successful life”. 


The name Avya means “the very first life form in the world that was very knowledgeable and pure”.


The name Bachan means “cook” of “one who understands life”


Bangar is a boy name which means “gold life” or “one who is blessed with a golden life”.


The name Beathan is a name that has a Biblical origin and this name means “life” and “existence”.


The name Bion is an ancient Greek name that means “life”. In science fiction, bion is a cyborg or a robot. 


The name Calian is a boy name which means “he is a warrior of the life”.


Can is a unique boy name which represents life and heart and it means “one who is full of spirit”.


The name Cano literally means “life”.


Cosmin is another rare name for boys that is a Romanian name for Cosmas which means “order”. It also means “harmony with life”, “praise”, and “commend”.


A boy name which means “leader” and “life-giving water”.


The name Gaidon means “one who appreciates life and beauty”. 

Whether they are names meaning purpose or names meaning health and happiness, the boy names that mean life can represent it all. You can use these names to celebrate the new life given to your newborn and empower more of your little prince’s life. If you want a unique, beautiful and amazing name for your prince, we have it all listed for you.

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